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Cover Guy has a student scholarship program.

The Cover Guy is a company, which has been recognized as an excellent supplier of hot tub covers in North America and has forged a strong online business model with technology to reach more than 3,000 customers and their needs each year. This year they are offering a $500 grant with their scholarship program to […]

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Student scholarships for STEM majors.

50% of all Science Technology, Engineering and Mathematics jobs are open to workers with an online bachelor degree; 30% of today?s STEM-intensive jobs are in blue-collar fields. All the skills given in online degree programs prepare more than 60% of the population that is holding a degree in an area related to Science, a half […]

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Denys Holland Scholarship for International Undergraduate Students

University College London is one of the most prestigious universities in the world. Founded in 1826, University College London was the first university in the United Kingdom to accept students from any religion and also to take in female students with equal rights as male students. At UCL, you can study a wide range of […]

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