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TSC is giving education grants to dreamers.

The Tampa Spine Center is an institution that is aimed to help patients with back problems without applying unnatural procedures to them. Many of their clients are hurting, and the organization is always focused on the most competent ways to help those who are in pain or facing setbacks and are in need of attention […]

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Hispanic students can fund their education with this up to $10,000 grant

Historically, non-white individuals have been marginalized or simply barred from social and educational advancement opportunities. But that?s changing with the help of minority scholarships. This type of funding is basically, an attempt to level the playing field for under-represented groups. Minority students are more likely to enroll with degree programs these days. The advent of […]

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Students of art and design, check out this $1,200 grant

Getting a degree in art today no longer condemns you to a life of lacking most basic comforts. Not by a long shot. Art majors graduating from an on-campus or distance learning program get to find jobs in lucrative fields such as graphic design or interior design. Design degrees at accredited schools online or offline […]

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Pursuing business or STEM as a degree? Then you might be eligible to get up to $15,000 in funding

As a student looking to enroll with a college education online or offline, you?re probably aware of the debate: are scholarships worth it or not? The majority of students looking to enroll at offline or online universities unhappy about the time you need to pour into the whole endeavor, while some parents believe their child […]

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