Scholarships application for kind hearts.

What is your good cause? Do you donate food to homeless? Books to schools? Toys to orphanages? Do you do free hugs campaigns with your friends? Have you ever volunteer into a nursery home? Have you participated in a fundraise event for a vulnerable community? Are you part of an association that is aimed to help domestic violence victims? Do you help you college degree online teacher? Or Do you simple go by the street smiling at everyone and holding the door for everyone else? Your action counts, it does not matter if it is big or small, it counts.

The Express Medical Supply is giving two $500 grants with a scholarship application for online degree undergraduate or graduate students who are taking college degree online part-time or full-time programs. Their goal is to contribute to higher education (such as online college degree programs) and learning by giving to the winning student financial aid to help cover the expenses of fees, books and other materials needed in their online college degree programs.

The Express Medical Supply Scholarship Program is looking forward to prize students who can precise a lot of originality in a small space. The college degree online student who wins will be announced on July 30.

All applicants must send before June 30:

  • A picture that characterizes the prompt.
  • The same tweet must include the hashtag #ExmedScholarship and a link to the scholarship page at
  • When the tweet has been published, students must inform Express Medical Supplies by an e-mail to

??How I give to others?? is the prompt online degree students are needed to answer. How creative can applicants be? Is important to reply the question in 280 characters or less, then all of the students need to share it in the program Twitter, Facebook or Instagram for your chance to get a $500 scholarship. Spelling, punctuation, grammar, spacing, and proper sentence structure are going to be taken into consideration when picking the winner. They also look for original photos, thoughts and ideas. Is important to be creative and stand out in front of other college degree online students who are also motivated to be part of this wonderful project.

The email must also contain the online degree student’s full name, Twitter username, mailing address, phone number, school name, date of birth, & parent/guardian name (if under 18). If the students are motivated on pursuing this program they must check the website and try to think on why do they have kind hearts and exposed into their social media profiles.

19 thoughts on “Scholarships application for kind hearts.

  1. i HAVe been doing logistics and transport management and i am failing to choose among the courses listed above . Can you advise which one is related to the course i underwent

  2. I need a scholarship to further my study ,I would be grateful I you select me for this opportunity. Thank you.

  3. I have done bachelor degree in social science department of DEVELOPMEN sTUdies, i want to inphazis my studies so it will be greatful for me if you offer me scholarship opportunity in order to chase my dreams

  4. I obtained diploma in business management but need more knowledge to feel satisfy in my education and therefore i want this scholarship to further my studies to gain more knowledge and skills.
    Thank you!

  5. My name is salima Tigga coming from a BROKEN family with no one to support me. At the moment I am ding 2nd of the 3 year Diploma course in General nursing and midwifery course in andhra pradesh India.I have a huge debt to clear and I see no way out to continue my education. This scholarship will help me to complete my education. Thank you very much for helping me.

  6. I want to do my phd in english language and literature in Australia with full scholarship. what are the procedures?

  7. i really want a full scholarsgip for my degree in information technology. I\’m not able to persue it at the moment due financial problems, but i\’d kindly appreciate your help. thank you in advance

  8. my name is Annette I want to pause my diploma in pharmacy but I am coming from a poor family there is no one is able to support me please I need your help

  9. Hello
    I\’m Biniam Asres.
    I\’m interested to study medicine science but my parents has financial problem to do this.
    Please ,would you like to help me together my future plan?

    Thank you!!

  10. I am looking for a full time scholarship to pursue a study in medicine. At the moment I am unable to do this by myself due to financial difficulties. I\’ll be waiting for a response.thank you.

  11. I have done bachelor degree in social science department of DEVELOPMEN sTUdies, i want to inphazis my studies so it will be greatful for me if you offer me scholarship opportunity in order to chase my dream. please help me

  12. I graduted from school and i want to pursue my knowledge in abroad country, and i think I have the eligibility of this schoLarship so guide me how tO apply and take the application form of this scholarship. Thank you

  13. Am a tanzanian aged 23 years and im really in need of full sponsorship inorder to PERSUE my masters in cooperate law…because I don\’t have a good financial status…please I need assistance

  14. i am jean pierre FROM RWANDA , i would like like to continue with masters program in international public health but i will really appreciate if i get full scholarship.


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