Denys Holland Scholarship for International Undergraduate Students

University College London is one of the most prestigious universities in the world. Founded in 1826, University College London was the first university in the United Kingdom to accept students from any religion and also to take in female students with equal rights as male students. At UCL, you can study a wide range of subject, from Arts and Humanities to Life and Social Sciences and Mathematics.

The Denys Holland Scholarship offered by UCL was created in memory of Denys Holland, a professor of Law? and Dean of students.

The scholarship is granted to students from any country in the world, who could not otherwise access a college education and who can prove their high motivation to use the educational opportunities offered by the UCL.

The scholarship is offered to students who already have an offer to study at UCL in a full time undergraduate program, starting in September 2018. Other eligibility criteria include a preferred age of 25 or less at the commencing of the studies, proof of financial need and indication of a broad area of interests and motivation to get involve in various and numerous activities at the university.

The scholarship consists of ?? 9000 per year, for the three years of study. Students may choose to use this sum in order to partially or totally cover their tuition fees. Successful candidates can benefit from other forms of financial help (awards, bursaries or grants) if the total sum they are receiving annually does not surmount the total fees cost and an acceptable maintenance sum.

The deadline for application for the Denys Holland Scholarship is 5 July 2018, 5 o?clock (UK time). Candidate must send their complete application at ? The application form can be downloaded from here. Students must provide information about their extracurricular and non academic interests and activities and also about their financial situation.

Students will be selected in august and successful candidates will be contacted by email until 14 September. Those students who are not contacted until mid September can presume that their application has not been successful.

You can find more information about the scholarship on their website.

University College London offers many other scholarships and awards for international students who are currently studying there or are considering applying to the university. If Denys Holland Scholarship is not suitable for you, but you want to study at UCL, you can find more financial

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