Month: April 2018

Pursuing a career in construction? Then why not apply for this $1,000 scholarship

Once upon a time, if you wanted to get a college education you had to go on-campus, sit in class and listen to lots of lectures. Today, things have changed considerably and there are many alternatives to traditional education. Like getting your college education online. Enrolling with an online bachelor degree or any other type […]

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Studying Construction Management? Then this $3,500 scholarship is for you

When aspiring students of accredited online universities or traditional ones, start thinking about their academic careers, they will probably consider whether they will be able to commit to four years of hard work before they can start looking for a job. While this is certainly a route many individuals take, it?s by no means the […]

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Scholarships application for kind hearts.

What is your good cause? Do you donate food to homeless? Books to schools? Toys to orphanages? Do you do free hugs campaigns with your friends? Have you ever volunteer into a nursery home? Have you participated in a fundraise event for a vulnerable community? Are you part of an association that is aimed to […]

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ZipRecruiter is giving scholarships for college.

Before June 30, 2018 students have to send their application to win a $3,000 scholarship for college sponsored by ZipRecruiter. All of the online degree applicants must also send a unique essay; this essay must have between 500 and 800 words. Online college students must fill the online application form and add an attached copy […]

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Two scholarship programs for Native American students.

The American Indians or Alaskan Natives tribes undergraduate students or the ones that are looking for a master?s, doctoral, law, or medical degree even in an online university can apply for grant for school and get a $1,500 scholarship. The AAIA is helping students on getting their online education degrees, they are looking for brilliant […]

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NMR Consulting is helping veterans with college scholarships.

NMR Consulting, Inc is giving $2,500 with a scholarship program paid directly to the online college or other institution. This money can be used for online degrees fees, material needed or lab fees. Is not for housing fees, transportation, meals or other expenses. NMR Consulting, Inc not only works for attract and retain excellent individuals. […]

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